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Northern Planning... Differently

The purpose of this Workshop is to contribute to applied knowledge on culturally appropriate and sustainable development for the Inuit villages of Nunavik. The Workshop proposes to approach the habitat of the Inuit in all its complexity by examining the three dimensions that structure it: the community, the built environment and the frameworks of governance.

0. Encounter | Portray the Cold

The project comes from an “imagined, unprecedented, and new” encounter with the cold, which the communities of Northern Quebec experience and appreciate very differently than we in the South. This project will thus be an interpretation of this encounter: it tells the story of an exchange between two worlds.

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1. Design Projects

This design workshop aims to lay the foundations of urban design projects based on an enlightened portrait of the areas of intervention, as well as the challenges, opportunities and qualities that contribute to defining them. It involves:

1/ understanding and explaining the main issues of sustainable development in Nunavik while taking into account data and concepts relating to different dimensions of analysis, including culture.

2/ formulating project orientations that are relevant and adapted to the environments, which are based on both analysis and local opportunities.

From various data and information sources concerning the territories of Nunavik, the students were expected to formulate relevant research questions to bring out pressing issues and ways of approaching or resolving them "differently", in an innovative way.

The teams worked on three dimension that structure the habitat of the Inuit: the community, the built environment (on which the B. Arch workshop has also worked on/ mettre le lien du Blog de Charlie), and the frameworks of governance.

1.1 - The Community

1.2 - The Built Environment

1.3 - Frameworks of Governance

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