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Habiter le Nord québécois


Habiter le Nord québécois


Ihumamnik: I acted on my own will, independently

Housing as Empowerment


Community Housing




Arianne Côté (U. Laval)


Thesis Project (2022)

This architectural design project looks at the duality of current social housing in Nunavik and the desire for Inuit autonomy. The absence of local decision making accentuates the “institutional” aspect of Northern housing and widens the gap between housing, culture, and local aspirations.

If Inuit were able to choose the location, form, and management of their housing, they have a better chance of developing an architecture best suited to their reality. This project seeks to demonstrate that increased local decision making can have a positive impact on both governments and the quality of life of Northerners.

This new social housing model supports the desire and value of Kangiqsualujjuammiut autonomy on three levels: territory, spatial organization, and construction. The design encourages choice by offering a catalogue of modules of different sizes, which can be combined depending on family needs. Inspired by the spatial organization of the igloo, the modules use both human and local materials and resources. The project aims at giving residents the chance to participate in the design while developing a community-based construction industry.

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