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Habiter le Nord québécois


Habiter le Nord québécois


Sentinel North Université Laval Architecture Nunavik Kangiqsualujjuaq Our Journey Habiter le Nord québécois

October 2019

Announcing the project Doing Things Differently

Build responsibly with Inuit ingenuity in mind


Dwell in culturally appropriate homes


October 2019

Thinking the atlas as part of two design studios: Laurentian and Laval University

February 2020

Presenting the atlas project to residents and local organizations

3 studios: architecture and urban design - Laval University

Fall 2020


CEN - Sarah Gauthier and Michel Allard


An illustrated survey to understand Nunavimmiut's aspirations regarding houses and villages

Reaching out to participants by mail

Anatomy of Northern houses and villages


Analysis of existing, promising and emerging practices

June 2022

Presentation by Olivia Ikey and Arianne Côté

May 2022

Reaching out in person

October 2022

Presenting survey results to scientific community

Work session in Kangiqsualujjuaq

March 2023

Editing and validating with colleagues and consultants

Fall 2023

Learning about caribou sinew with Nancy
COVID-19 pandemic

Nunavik closed off, preventing all travel to the North. Learning to work from afar.

Our Journey

Our journey in crafting this atlas is like weaving the threads of caribou sinew (uliut), a gift from the land. Here, the threads of knowledge—Inuit and academic—come together to make a strong yet supple cord. Weaving is like telling a story. It leads to creating a quilt of ideas: an atlas to hopefully better PLAN, DWELL, and BUILD the Inuit way.

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