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Towards a More Autonomous Housing System in Nunavik

Arianne Côté research centres on the duality between government help and community autonomy (Master of Science in Architecture supervised by Myriam Blais, Co-investigator). In Nunavik, housing needs and challenges comprise climatic and economic constraints as well as overcrowding due to lack of housing. These explain the necessity of financial assistance from the government. This «dependency» is usually perceived, in the South, as incompatible with the Indigenous communities’ claim for autonomy (Hervé, 2019). This is one of the reasons why Inuit communities, as of now, have not benefited cultural representation in matters of housing and control over decision-making.

To learn more about this research, take a look at the scientific poster (winner, 2nd prize) presented by Arianne Côté at the Sentinel North 2021 Scientific Meeting (November 2 to 4).

Côté, A. (dépôt prévu à l'automne 2022) Vers l'autonomie des communautés inuit dans le système de production de logement au Nunavik: Engagement local et participation citoyenne. Mémoire en sc. architecture supervisé par M. Blais et G. Vachon, École d'architecture de l'Université Laval.

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