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Our main focus : Inuit values and aspirations

Main focus :

It is agreed that the project should focus on proposing new housing models that reflect the needs, the values and aspirations of the Inuit, mainly in the community of Kangiqsualujjuaq. Housing should be the priority of the project; the urgency to build results in poor quality housing (approx. lifetime 25 years) with higher renovation costs compare to a new construction; the houses built are missing key features of the Inuit way to live such as eating on the floor and sleeping in the living room; the Inuit should be included in the construction process of their houses to make them realize the necessity to build properly (insulation, vapor barrier, gap air).

Outcome :

The tangible form of the tool is still to be determined. The challenge will be to make it available and useful to the community. At term, strong recommendations on better quality housing and cost associated with designs are expected; concerns are expressed about the cost of the designs made by students in the past (that may surpasses the amount of money received by Makivik to build houses).

Meeting in February 2020 :

Consultation is the key to build interest in the community about the project and to make their voices heard. A first consultation would possibly be held locally, next February in Kangiqsualujjuaq, where everybody is able to give their input on the aim of the project. It is suggested that the starting point of the consultation would be the images from existing and student projects, as examples of alternative housing. The goal is to start a conversation about which aspects of the projects reflects the Inuit lifestyle. Following the consultation, our job will be to analyze the results, therefore we must be prepared together to listen well, interpret well and organize the results in a meaningful way.

Present :

Michel ALLARD, Principal Co-investigator (geomorphology), Université Laval

Myrtille BAYLE, Student (architecture), Université Laval

Myriam BLAIS, Co-investigator (architecture), Université Laval

Samuel BOUDREAULT, Coordinator, Université Laval

Marie-Pier BRETON, Partner, Société d’habitation du Québec

André CASAULT, Co-investigator (architecture), Université Laval

Geneviève CLOUTIER, Co-investigator (land use planning), Université Laval

Nancy ETOK, Partner, Northern Village of Kangiqsualujjuaq

Claude GADBOIS, Partner, Kativik Municipal Housing Bureau

Sarah GAUTHIER, Student (geomorphology), Université Laval

Hilda SNOWBALL, Partner, Northern Village of Kangiqsualujjuaq

Marie-Pierre MCDONALD, Collaborator, Groupe B2C

Félix MÉNARD-ST-DENIS, Partner, Société d’habitation du Québec

Paul PARSONS, Partner, Kativik Regional Government

Émilie PINARD, Collaborator (architecture), Laurentian University

Frédérique TROTTIER, Student (urban design), Université Laval

Marie-Christine VANIER, Partner, Kativik Municipal Housing Bureau

Geneviève VACHON, Principal Co-investigator (urban design/architecture), Université Laval

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