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Children of Kangiqsualujjuaq : Photographic Diaries

At the very beggining of our collaboration (Fall 2019), this artistic workshop aimed to activate the dialogue between the partners by showing what is important in the Kangiqsualujuammiut eyes.

This photographic project was carried out by a group of amazing students and teachers from Ulluriaq School – sharing what makes them proud or happy in their community.

Twenty disposable cameras were shared among students and teachers, engaging together an introspective journey about their community. A few weeks later, the developed films were back in Kangiqsualujjuaq for a reading beyond the photographic diaries. The talented photographers revealed some key details behind their intentions. They illustrate the importance of friendship and family, of connecting with the Land, of exploring things in their own way – revealing in doing so their unique point of view.

In order of appearance :

  1. My friend went to caribou hunting – Lane

  2. We are in the Land and at the beach – Martin

  3. This is my sister in the picture – Mathew

  4. It’s a community boat. I like it because anybody who wants to go out can use it – Travis

  5. George River’s cemetery, set against the background of the moutains. It’s peaceful and awe-inspiring at the same time – Monica

  6. A woman carries her child in a special made parka called an Amauti – Gillian

  7. Children at Ulluriaq Kativik – Nancy

  8. On the way back to the new houses – Danny Jr

  9. Everyone goes berry picking during the summer – Sarah

  10. This is little Daniel. His mother brought him to school with her. He’s enjoying an orange – Lane

  11. I like this picture because a student is enjoying his way back to school – Monica

  12. It’s where I live and it’s where my son lives – Sarah

  13. My Grandpa’s made it, it’s his hoomie – Rebecca

  14. I had a good time with my friend that day – Imaapik

  15. Traditional Kayak in classroom – Steven

  16. The contact with water – Nathan

  17. The view is nice when we go to that spot – Travis

  18. It’s behind the airport. The light was beautiful – Willis

  19. Five star hotel – Nancy

  20. There are a lot of dogs in town, so this picture represents George River – Aloupa

  21. I love to play hockey – Kathy

Nakurmiik to all the young artists involved! And to our beloved Nancy Etok for guiding them. These photos and words continue to nurture or hearts and minds.

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