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Imagining : the North in 50 projects

This book gathers 50 design-research projects in architecture and urban design carried out between 2015 and 2019 as part of the Living in Northern Quebec research partnership (SSHRC 2015-2021).

They have been developed in collaboration with the Innu communities of Nitassinan and the Inuit villages of Nunavik, and are taken as opportunities to imagine and explore possibles for culturally adapted living environments.

Click here to view the publication online.

The design-research work attest to a collaborative, exploratory and open work. They’re not so much about finding recipes or miracle solutions – indeed mistakes, uncertainties and experimentations are welcome – but rather about integrating a plurality of knowledges, on paper and on site, into different, sometimes even new ways of doing and building as we move forward. The projects also reveal the imagination of students and their sensitivity to different possibles concerning life in Indigenous territories.

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