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Pinasuqatigiitsuta : A Guideline for Community Planning in Nunavik

Based on the Inuit concept of Pinasuqatigiitsuta, meaning “working together for the common good”, this Pinasuqatigiitsuta Website proposes a collaborative tool to support the sustainable and resilient planning of tomorrow’s Northern Villages. Tailored as a cyclic process centered on local assets and perspectives, this innovative tool combines community planning principles, the Inuit way of life and desirable futures.

The Pinasuqatigiitsuta project is the joint effort of three Université Laval master’s degree candidates in urban design (Frédérique Trottier), urban planning (Antoine Paquet) and architecture (Myrtille Bayle). Through knowledge sharing and multidisciplinary approaches, combined with consultations in Kangiqsualujjuaq, the project identifies key sustainable and resilient planning principles adapted to the Inuit way of life.

These principles are the starting point of a proposed step-by-step guide to Inuit community planning based on local aspirations and opportunities. Illustrated with concrete examples of "doing things differently", this tool is potentially a complement to other master planning tools currently used for development and land use management in the Northern Villages of Nunavik. More consultations with and input from our Inuit partners are necessary to validate the usefulness, acceptability, feasibility and complementarity of this proposed guide.

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