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The SHQ at the heart of public practice

Au coeur de la pratique publique : des défis stimulants à la Société d'habitation du Québec is an article written in the thematic issue (190) of ARQ Magazine : Architecture and Design Quebec in 2020 by Joanne Gauthier and Marie-Pierre McDonald from Société d'habitation du Québec.

The architectural, technical, budgetary, systemic and environmental challenges that the SHQ's professionals face everyday lead them to develop approaches and projects that are inspired by sustainable solutions, in order to promote the adaptation of housing to the needs of the Inuit and improve their well-being. They have then collaborated with other professionals and organizations in the development of a best practices guide for housing construction in Nunavik, in the creation of a northern housing prototype and in other innovative and promising projects.

The SHQ considers that the success of its interventions in Nunavik is based on its technical expertise and the good relations it maintains with the community. Thus, the SHQ relies on the sharing of expertise and the cooperation of the various stakeholders to successfully carry out housing projects. It recognizes that these conditions are essential to the well-being of the populations, to the sustainability of the housing stock and to the development of innovative ideas that will condition tomorrow's actions in northern housing.

As of December 2019, in Nunavik, nearly 3,600 social housing units and more than 130 private properties had received financial support from the SHQ.

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