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Learning by Making

Learning by Making : Exploring possibilities for a local construction ecosystem through a makerspace in Kangiqsualujjuaq is a Master Thesis Project by Isaac Edmonds supervised by Émilie Pinard (Laurentian University).

The current construction industry in Nunavik is largely disconnected from the northern communities where the buildings themselves are constructed. Fabrication occurs in Quebec, materials are shippednorth via barge and assemblyiscompleted by a visitingsouthern construction crew. Through the expansion of opportunities for local training and innovation, there lies the potential to simultaneouslyaddressseveral of these issues. An appreciation for Inuit values and their robust existing making culture should form the foundation of this change.

Spaces for making present opportunities for the development of more culturally reflective construction practices because they support locally driven building initiatives and empower communities to shape the future of their built environment. Makerspaces allow for the expansion of local training opportunities, support self-building initiatives, encourage entrepreneurship and stimulate innovation in construction practices by and for Inuit.

This project proposes that makerspaces can positively contribute to Inuit self-determination in Nunavik by supporting local making culture. Through the creation of opportunities to innovate outside the confines of southern planning practices, locally driven solutions can organically emerge to form the roots of a sustainable construction industry in Nunavik

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