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Pinasuqatigiitsuta awarded by

Congratulations to Myrtille Bayle, Antoine Paquet and Frédérique Trottier for winning the Social Quality award at the Concours International 2019-2020. The interdisciplinary team (architecture, urban design and planning) behind Pinasuqatigiitsuta : A guideline for community planning in Nunavik, stood out with its proposal entitled Nomadic Heritage: Gathering together to move forward.

Mobility is a cultural phenomenon, a reflection of Inuit nomadism rooted in the use of urban space from one season to the next. It must be integrated into new and existing urban developments, taking into account the issues of demographics, urban sprawl and climate change. We must focus on Inuit "community life" to promote the sustainability of urban development.

L'Art urbain dans les Territoires, a national (French) association for the living environment, has been supporting local authorities, their representatives and professionals in their environmental, cultural, social and architectural transition for over 30 years.

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